"My Name Not Rahul Savarkar": Rahul Gandhi Amid Row Over Rape Remark

Congress's Rahul Gandhi today reiterated his refusal to apologise for his "Rape in India" comment at an election rally, which has triggered a massive political row.

"My name is not Rahul Savarkar. I am Rahul Gandhi, and I will never ever apologise... nor will any Congress worker ever apologise for speaking the truth," Mr Gandhi said at the party's mega rally in Delhi's Ramlila Maidan.

Referring to the BJP demands for apology, Mr Gandhi said, "I was told in Parliament yesterday by the BJP that I should apologise for what I said at a rally. I was asked to apologise for the truth that I spoke".

The Congress leader had earlier declared that he would not apologise for his comments at an election rally in Jharkhand.

"Narendra Modi had said 'Make in India' but nowadays wherever you look, it is 'Rape in India'," he had said - a remark that had drawn shrill protests from a number of BJP leaders. The party has also complained to the Election  Commission about the matter.