Suspected coronavirus patient on Spicejet flight from Bangkok quarantined in Delhi

Suspected coronavirus patient on Spicejet flight from Bangkok quarantined in Delhi

A passenger aboard a Spicejet flight from Bangkok to Delhi is suspected to have coronavirus and was quarantined after landing in Delhi on Thursday.

The passenger was seated on Spicejet flight SG-88 operating between Bangkok and Delhi. He was seated on seat number 31F and was sitting alone in that row.

The suspected case of coronavirus has been quarantined by Airport Health Organisation (APHO), said a Spicejet spokesperson.
Two other passengers in Kolkata are also suspected to have contracted coronavirus. The two passengers who arrived at the Kolkata airport on Thursday tested positive in the thermal screening, said the airport authority.

On the other hand, Kerala has confirmed at least two positive cases of coronavirus in the state, both people who had recently come back from China's Wuhan.

India has so far screened around 2 lakh passengers who have arrived in India for the novel coronavirus.

Over 1.97 lakh passengers traveling in 1,818 flights have been screened for novel coronavirus, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Monday as he outlined the steps taken by the government to deal with the virus since its outbreak last month.

The minister also said that screening of passengers has been initiated at 12 major seaports and all minor ports in the country to identify passengers and crew members coming from China and to isolate them in case they are found symptomatic.

Meanwhile, in China, over 1300 people have died of the coronavirus outbreak. Across mainland China, there were 15,152 new confirmed infections on Wednesday, bringing the total number to 59,805.