NASA releases images showing debris of Vikram Lander

NASA releases images showing debris of Vikram Lander

Today Nasa released image of Vikram lander,shown the precise spot on the Moon’s surface where Vikram,the lander deployed in India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission which hard landed in early september.

Vikram went incommunicado shortly before its scheduled touchdown near the lunar southpole.

Nasa describing the new images of the Vikram impact site said that "Despite the loss, getting that close to the surface was an amazing achievement,"

These pictures are the results of weeks of work involving Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera team and Shanmuga Subramanian,a chennai based techie who first located the debris in the US space agency’s images.

The image shown the highlights changes to the surface,The colured dots green showed debris and blue indicates disturbed soil.the region marked "S"? That's debris found by Shanmuga Subramanian.